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I fought South Shields at the May 2010 General Election for the Conservatives, gaining a 6.4% swing which was a 4% vote increase. The Conservatives polled 7,886 up from 5,207 in 2005. I was born in the North East and grew up in South Shields. I currently live in London and am employed as a Director at Lloyd's Broker Howden International.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leaders' Debate

I'm curious what the viewing figures have been for this evening's Leaders' Debate on ITV. I sat down eagerly to watch the first ever televised UK Leaders' Debate. It had a few highlights but I did find in the last half particularly - maybe the fascination was wearing off - it all got a bit stilted and frankly a little boring.

David Cameron definitely came out on top. He came out looking like a Prime Minister in waiting - rather than a washed out, unelected clinger-on or a fuzzy Liberal who is prepared to put the security of the country at risk (by scrapping Trident) and can frankly say pretty much anything he wants, as he's nothing to loose.

Will be interesting to see initial responses and of course the rerun to come.

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Anonymous Peter said...

I think of the three Nick Clegg came off the most confident and at ease, and made some good points. But, like you, I couldn't get past the fact that the Lib Dems would scrap Trident, which we need more than ever at a time when rogue states are arming, and they're always a bit wishy-woshy on Justice too.

Gordon Brown is a non-entity, I'm not sure why he should even turn up for the last two debates with his rambling excuses for the fact they've failed for 13 years.

11:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it is just a blog but... spelling and grammar needs some work.

7:20 pm  
Blogger Karen Allen said...

Thanks for pointing out! Missed the two typos on the first proof of the post - have amended now. My old tutor from QM would have been appalled.

9:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry I won't hold it against you on May 6th. I should have spent more time today checking my own work rather than reading up on the general election candidates.

12:34 am  

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