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I fought South Shields at the May 2010 General Election for the Conservatives, gaining a 6.4% swing which was a 4% vote increase. The Conservatives polled 7,886 up from 5,207 in 2005. I was born in the North East and grew up in South Shields. I currently live in London and am employed as a Director at Lloyd's Broker Howden International.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Worth a flutter?

Not that I am really a betting person - other than the odd flutter at Ascot perhaps - but I couldn't help but notice Ladbrokes have released the odds on all constituencies in Great Britain at the next General Election on their website:


So how are we looking in South Tyneside according to the bookies?

South Shields

Labour 1/500
Liberal Democrats 33/1
Conservatives 33/1
Green 100/1

Labour 1/500
Liberal Democrats 25/1
Conservatives 100/1
Green 100/1

Results in 2005 were as follows:

South Shields

David Miliband, Labour 18,269 60.5%
Stephen Psallidas, Liberal Democrat 5,957 19.7%
Richard Lewis, Conservative 5,207 17.2%
Nader Afshari-Naderi, Independent 773 2.6%

12,312 Labour Majority

Stephen Hepburn, Labour 20,554 60.5%
Bill Schardt, Liberal Democrat 6,650 19.6%
Linkson Jack, Conservative 4,807 14.1%
Alan Badger, UK Independence Party 1,567 4.6%
Rodger Nettleship, Save National Health Service 400 1.2%

13,904 Labour Majority


Anonymous Pete said...

Have to be honest, for one reason and another I voted Lib Dem last time. Never again.

Conservatives are the only alternative for South Shields to more of this same old, same old, Labour rubbish.

I can't understand why anyone would vote to have an MP who is never here, spends his time gallivanting around the planet as foriegn secretary and has nothing to do with the area anyway!

Hope tomorrow and Wednesday go well.

11:15 pm  

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