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I fought South Shields at the May 2010 General Election for the Conservatives, gaining a 6.4% swing which was a 4% vote increase. The Conservatives polled 7,886 up from 5,207 in 2005. I was born in the North East and grew up in South Shields. I currently live in London and am employed as a Director at Lloyd's Broker Howden International.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The South Shields Football Divide

I don't know the actual statistic, but I've always thought it was roughly 50-50; recalling my school days and friends in the town, I would say there is a pretty equal number of Sunderland to Newcastle fans, which is not surprising when you consider the geographical location of South Shields: South of the Tyne, from Newcastle, but North of the Wear, from Sunderland. My Dad and brother are both Sunderland fans, but I was actually born in Newcastle (moving to South Shields when I was two years old) and my mother is from Newcastle - but I would say my allegiance lies with that of my father and brother.

Nevertheless, when was contacted by Eddy who runs the Newcastle United Forum, asking if I would support the campaign to stop Mike Ashley from changing the name of St James Park, I had no hesitation to support the campaign. Mr Ashley's bid for additional advertising, by changing the name of the stadium to "sportsdirect@stjamespark" just doesn't sit rightly to me.



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