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I fought South Shields at the May 2010 General Election for the Conservatives, gaining a 6.4% swing which was a 4% vote increase. The Conservatives polled 7,886 up from 5,207 in 2005. I was born in the North East and grew up in South Shields. I currently live in London and am employed as a Director at Lloyd's Broker Howden International.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


David Cameron was spot on in Birmingham yesterday, when he said:

“A Labour minister said something really extraordinary last week. It revealed a huge amount about them. David Miliband said that ‘unless government is on your side you end up on your own.’ ‘On your own’ - without the government. I thought it was one of the most arrogant things I’ve heard a politician say.”

Labour’s disregard or even worse perhaps lack of any recognition for society, for communities almost beggars belief. The fact Miliband and the Labour Party only seem to see the state and the individual makes me think I understand perhaps a bit better why the last ten years have been how they have and how we find ourselves now in a country where respect and common regard in communities is virtually nowhere to be found. David Cameron is right we have a “broken society.”

The reels of new rules, new legislation makes nothing better – it just exacerbates the problems we are facing in our communities.

So I stand with David Cameron to tell Gordon Brown:

“You cannot run our country like this.”


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