Karen Allen

I fought South Shields at the May 2010 General Election for the Conservatives, gaining a 6.4% swing which was a 4% vote increase. The Conservatives polled 7,886 up from 5,207 in 2005. I was born in the North East and grew up in South Shields. I currently live in London and am employed as a Director at Lloyd's Broker Howden International.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When CF took over the Gherkin

Last night was a great night. We had more than twice as many people compared to the previous year and the Ground Floor of the Gherkin was truly overtaken with CFers! Francis Maude spent an hour meeting party goers and the mood was vibrant and fun. Those with stamina went on to a local club when the Sterling closed at 11pm.

I would like to everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To those who came along last night, thank you for making it the night it was.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Breakfast with Ed Vaizey on Monday 22nd January 2007

Fancy starting off your week on a political footing? We have Ed Vaizey, Shadow Minister for Culture and MP for Wantage and Didcot, joining us for breakfast and discussions at 5 Cavendish Sqare, W1 on Monday 22nd January. Numbers are restricted, so it will be first come, first served. Let me know if you would like to come along. The cost is £23 which covers your breakfast and juice / coffee.

Ed is also a blogger. Check it out: http://edvaizey.mpblogs.com/

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Battersea Campaign Day

We had almost 30 CFers out delivering 10,000 leaflets on Saturday. We wanted to help Jane Ellison's campgain from an early stage. We lost Battersea at the last election by only 163 votes, so we need to ensure we win this time and have support available for PPCs in marignal seats.

Matt Richardson organised the day which consisted of a training session given by Putney's Justine Greening and an insight into London issues from London Mayoral candidate, Nick Boles.

We rounded off the day with some drinks. A good, fun, production day had by all. Watch this space for details of the next campaigning day in the New Year.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Take Battersea Back! Campaiging Day Saturday 16th December

All of the fun of the last CF campaigning day… and you
don’t even have to leave London ! (Or you’ve been
given a good reason to come to the capital.)

The Labour party’s struggle to take Battersea was
immortalised in John O’Farrell’s “Things Can Only Get
Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a
Labour Supporter.”

But in 2005 we managed to cut their majority to a mere
163 votes.

163 votes. We can win over that number of people in a
day’s campaigning. And that is exactly what we are
going to do on Saturday 16 December.

Oh – and I’ve got 100 blue Santa hats for the

We’ll start the day with a training session led by
Justine Greening, MP for Putney. We’ll have a lunch
provided by the constituency association before
leafleting and canvassing (and yes, there are fewer
driveways to walk up in Battersea than in most

At the end of it all we’ll kick back with some drinks
and hop on a bus or train home.

163 votes. Help us take back Battersea.

10am Meet at Clapham Junction Station then move to
Welcome with Coffee/Biscuits

Venue: Peabody Hall, Peabody Estate. St John's Hill.
Battersea , SW11 1UZ .


Nearest train: Clapham Junction (5 minutes walk), turn
right up St John's Hill

10.15/30am - c12 noon Training session with Justine
Greening MP

Rob Morritt, our agent, and I are also available to
help if you need us, and some of our Councillors and
Officers are interested in attending.

12.15pm - 12.45pm Lunch

Battersea Conservatives will provide sandwiches,
crisps and soft drinks. This can be a working lunch if
you prefer depending on how long you want to continue
the training for.

12.45pm - Delivery Blitz Briefing - the why and the
how (Jane and Rob)

From 1pm Delivery Teams despatched Santa Hats

We hope to use a couple of taxi people carriers to
drop teams off where their patch is not walking
distance from the Hall. Maps, newsletters etc to be
provided by Rob and his team. We plan to have lots of
deliveries organised, ranked in order of priority so
that we can adapt to the numbers we get on the day,
starting at around 30. All teams will have maps and
public transport intructions to get back to Clapham
Junction plus emergency phone numbers!

From c4pm - 5pm 'Thank you' drinks and nibbles in Slug
& Lettuce, Clapham Junction 4, St. Johns Hill, London,
SW11 1RU [020 7924 1322], right next to the Station

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

18 Doughty St

I made my Doughty St debut on Monday night. I was on with two Labour bloggers Kerron Cross and Paul Burgin (aka Mars Hill) and Andrew Ian Dodge. The first hour on Vox Politix we discussed Iain Dale's draft Social Justice Report which had been released earlier that day. I was glad to be on the show discussing a topic which I feel strongly about. Poor education and lack of family values has spiraled some groups in our society into single parenthood, debt and drug abuse. I believe if we are to appeal to voters in the North East we need to provide more support in these areas, instead of leaving the worst off in society to stew as an under class. The people of the North East are fundamentally Conservatives in so many values, it's the pre-programming "I vote Labour" that we need to break down by proving we can provide a far superior alternative. I was accepted on to the Candidates' List a couple of weeks ago and am keen to be selected in a North Eastern seat for the next General Election.

In the second hour Iain, Zoe, Andrew and I did a review of tomorrow's newspapers. I was struggling with a pretty mighty cold/cough and hope those of you who caught the show could make out my utterings! John Moorcraft was kind in his "review."


I look forward to doing the show again in the near future.

Working Life in Manchester

I am very pleased to announce the first Manchester Working Life Event is going to be held in January.

Monday 15th January

Atlas Bar
376 Deansgate
Manchester, M3 4LY


If you would like to confirm you attendance or require further details please contact:

Claire McLauchlin

Friday, December 01, 2006

Harlow CF Launch

We held the first event in Harlow on Thursday 30th November. We've had a lot of support from Harlow's Chairman, Graham Smith and PPC Robert Halfon.

I'd also especially like to thank James Dinsdale, George Askew and Gareth Thompson. James has worked very hard in Harlow and George and Gareth showed excellent support of a neighbouring Essex Constituency. Also, it was great to see Gemma Townsend, Lucy Bostick and Steve Richmond who travelled up from London to attend the event. Thanks Gemma for helping me with the leafleting at the station.

This social event where people got to know each other a little bit better has laid a solid foundation from which we are keen to organise Campaigning Days in Harlow. The first day is scheduled for Saturday 13th January. Please put the date in your diary, more details to follow in due course. We need to help Rob ensure we win Harlow and to provide support in council by elections in the meantime.

CWF Dinner with Baroness Thatcher

What a great night on Monday! Brilliant to see so many CFers there too. It was the first time I met Lady Thatcher. She was on great form and kept to her word to circulate the whole room before dinner commenced.

The auction was phenomenal and a large amount of money was raised. Well done Laura Clarke. A truly first class evening.